My new photography youtube channel

Gulp! So I finally joined the youtube channel masses to further explore my photography. I'll admit I agonised over it with the question "shouldn't I just spend my time taking pictures rather than making videos too?"

Well in the end I realised that it's all part of being the creative sort of person. I love photography more than anything, and if you know me or have stumbled upon my work you'll know I just love street photography, but I just wanted to create more. Plus it's surprising how making videos about photography means I simply have to take more pictures, It's a relationship that definitely inspires me to get my camera out.

It's also hopefully going to be a great way to start conversations and with luck build a community around what I love doing, plus it's actually very rewarding to look back at my photography work in a different context and therefore help me grow and better my style and output.

I think the real reason is this... Often I find myself explaining that I take pictures out there on the streets because in all honesty I just love looking at the world go by, I like to see the mystery and magic that lives on the streets, in people and places. When I boil it down I don't think about making a living from it, sure I guess it would be nice, but the truth is I create for creations sake, I can't help it, it just has to happen.

I hope as the years go by I never lose sight of this. Opportunities have come my way to make money and get work from what I do, and I take them when it's right and I feel like I can do it well, but honestly if I never made a single penny it wouldn't matter because it's something I'm compelled to do.

Anyway hope you enjoy the stills and the videos as much as I'm enjoying making them.

Please feel free to comment or get in touch, let's chat and enjoy this time we have.