Stuck in a photography rut!

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I guess I'm not alone when I say I'm stuck in a little photography rut? We've all been there or are still there. 

It's not like I've fallen out of love with my favourite hobby or anything, in fact I'm loving photography more than ever, but as I'm usually more of a street photographer (Don't you just hate labels?) I've felt a little uninspired and bored to be honest.

To be clear I haven't stopped shooting on the mean streets, but I definitely needed a break to reinvigorate my soul and my eyes. Plus a big factor for me was to challenge myself in a new discipline, get back to using my camera in new way.

So I've embarked on a journey in landscape photography, or at least that's what I'm calling it, hopefully it will be my take on it, I'm a fussy kind of chap which I hope helps.

Buried Fence

So what am I hoping to achieve with this switch? Well i can tell you it's as much technical as spiritual. Firstly I wanted to be better at mastering the art of photography in a compositional way, I wanted to slow down and re train my eye. I'm hoping that my experience in this new style will help with my street photography and vice versa. I also wanted to get to know my camera better. I'm shooting al my landscape work fully manual, because well I've got the time too. When shooting on the streets it's fair to say for me at least, that although composition is important, I've fallen into the trap of occasionally letting this crucial factor slip. Let's hope that this landscape adventure reminds me how important it really is!

Secondly being outside in beautiful places, away from the traffic, noise and people is good for my soul, it's very good for my concentration and inner peace, and in the few expeditions I've made thus far, it's been incredible for my spirit.

Enjoy the pictures and video, leave a comment if you wish and I hope you'll stay with me during this new chapter in photography.