The easiest way to develop film at home in Daylight

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If like me, you love shooting film and better still, you're also a fan of developing the film at home, then this video is for you.

Over the last few years I've really enjoyed the process of developing and cataloging my rolls of 35mm film, it was however not without frustration. Fumbling inside a dark bag, cracking open the spool and then struggling to feed it straight, into the plastic spools used to drive me up the wall.

So I took to handing the process over to my local photographic store to do. The thing is I was never satisfied with the results. The quality always seemed a little off to me, the negs would be scratched or not dried properly. Maybe this is a result of a larger batch process, who knows but at £8.00 a roll it was annoying to say the least.

So let me introduce the now vintage Rondinax developing tank! Manufactured between 1930 - 1970 these little beauties take all the stress out of processing at home. No dark room, dark bag plus you only use 200ml of chemicals. Why didn't I do this sooner?

To see it in action just watch the video, below are some shots showing the results.